Obtaining single barcode files

You can byu here single barcodes in PDF files. These cost 10 euros / barcode (inc. 24 % VAT, without VAT 8,06 €).

You can order EAN/GTIN13 barcodes, EAN/GTIN8 barcodes, ISSN barcodes, ISBN-barcodes and Interleaved 2/5 barcodes. If you have other special needs, please send us email (info[at]jltypes.com).

Single barcodes are sended as PDF files on email. The default size is 50x25 mm. You can also choose another size.

Please make always sure, that the ordered barcode is valid! The usage of EAN/GTIN, ISSN, and ISBN barcodes is strictly regulated. A false code can cause lot of troubles. If you ar uncertain, please contact JL-types. We will gladly help you.

Instructions: fill the form below (at least alla required items). Then press the "Submit" button below.